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NOVEMBER 1st - DECEMBER 1st, 2019




Expand your practice, teaching, and understanding in this intensive, advanced yoga teacher training program in Canggu, Bali at Samadhi Yoga. This month long training intensive will give you the tools to continue to grow as a student and evolve as a teacher to find a more connected true version of yourself. Practice at your own pace as you become a member of our Awakening Yoga Family!


This is a 300 Hour Teacher Training Program, if you already have a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher certification the program will move you up to 500 Hour certified yoga teacher after completion. This is a residential program, students will be required to attend the entire training to complete it. Students have the option to stay on the premises at Samadi Yoga or find their own accommodations in the area.


Residential Early Bird $6500 (until April 1st)

Residential Normal Price $7000

Offsite Early Bird $5500 (until April 1st)

Offsite Regular $6000

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Daily Practice :: We believe in helping all students build a ritualistic yoga practice. This intensive teacher training style allows us to focus on creating strong connected habits through yoga asana at the start of training each day. These practices will be based in the Awakening Yoga Solar, Lunar, and Restorative class styles. This is a chance to explore your practice in a way you have never done before. A thorough examination of the self through asana and movement.

In depth Anatomical study in how it relates to Asana principles of movement :: Every one of us has a unique body and often times we try to jam our physical frames into poses instead of finding ways to help the poses fit our bodies. In this training we will explore your own natural predispositions for movement to create an stronger understanding of the spectrum of opportunities and limitations your students show up to class with each day. You will learn to examine the alignment of yoga poses with a new keen eye trained to help facilitate strong, mobile, and integrated asana.

Inversion Training as a teacher and a student :: Taking your practice upside-down is a common piece of the Awakening Yoga system. We want to help you find balance in your own practice and learn proper techniques to share with your students. You will have the opportunity each day to find your way into variations of handstand, forearm balance, and headstand as well as the supplemental strength, flexibility, and coordination work to support these postures. Building these patterns through the Awakening Yoga style of ritual and awareness will help you create a sustainable home practice essential to keeping inversions in your practice for years to come.

Sequencing Methodology :: There is always a method to the madness and each day we examine the morning's practice and detailed teaching methodology. Breaking down sequencing approaches and unique teaching styles necessary to cultivate trust and depth as a teacher. You will learn how to apply the founding principles of the Awakening Yoga practice into your own teaching in public, private, and workshop settings.

Practical Teaching Mentorship :: Each student will be expected to teach and present throughout the course of this training. Teaching is a hands on job that requires us to dive in with an open mind. There will be many opportunities to teach and share in both small and large groups to develop evolved teaching skills. Mentorship and feedback will be provided to help all students find unique presence and voice as a teacher.

Adjustments & Hands-on Assists :: As teachers, we have the opportunity to impact a students practice in many ways. Offering intelligent, consented hands-on adjustments is one way we can communicate with students and guide them towards their own strongest sense of body awareness and proprioception. With guidance from seasoned teachers and expert Thai Massage professionals, students learn the mental and physical requirements for in-depth adjustments appropriate for large group sessions as well as unique one-on-one adjustments fitting for private teaching sessions.

Philosophy and Subtle Body Practices :: we delve into (and beyond) the foundations of yoga studies, history, philosophy, sanskrit, pranayama, chakras, kriya in both physical practice and deep discussion. Exploration throughout this program gives students the tools and knowledge to expand their practice and teaching with purpose and curiosity.

Meditation and Pranayama - The breath is the life-force of our practice but it is often forgotten, left behind for the complexity of each outward posture and transition. A deep awareness is brought back to breath control through many pranayama techniques creating an expansive and pointed practice experience. Linking the power of the breath and mind can open up new potential for inspiration and purpose. These breathing practices will be part of our daily pranayama meditation sessions and require intentional practice & guidance prior to sharing with others.

Business of Yoga :: Learn the ins and out of the yoga business during open discussions where we share our experiences from the beginning teaching yoga out of the kitchen in our small apartment to sharing Awakening Yoga on a global scale. We offer detailed insight into studio operations, yoga & wellness retreats, teaching workshops, leading training programs, and how to find comfort in your individual place among it all.  These sessions are designed to help you create offerings that will grow your own yoga-centric business in a unique way that creates a new sense of freedom in your life.

Yoga and the Internet
:: Building your online presence requires more than just a cookie cutter strategy, in this training we share our personal experiences building a social presence on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Podcasting, and Blogging providing insight on how to find the path to authentic content creation that represents YOU. Creating an online presence is an important way to share your offerings as a teacher, expand your community, and to meet new students.  It is possible to be more than just another generic instagram yoga photo account and we are here to help you find a way to express your own voice in an honest, insightful, enjoyable way.  

Mentorship from Patrick and Carling - You will have many opportunities to sit down with Patrick and Carling in a one-on-one private setting to discuss your practice, teaching, and ideas on how to bring the mindfulness of yoga into your daily life.