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Dublin, Ireland


Daily Schedule:

12:00pm - 2:00pm - 2 hour Dedicated Practice

2:00pm - 3:00pm - Lunch Break

3:00pm - 5:30pm - Afternoon Session

Afternoon Sessions Day 1 Teacher as the Student: Self care, self-practice, and making space for your own growth.

Day 2 Leading the Charge: deep dive into language, cueing, sequencing, and teaching personalities to understand how we each uniquely and most effectively share the practice.

Day 3 Support Systems: creating purposeful hands-on adjustments, reading bodies, navigating consent, and the teacher/student relationship.

Day 4 Life as a Teacher : explorations in the business of yoga, applications of social media, how to refine your communicative approach, and expand your community.

As a yoga teacher you will go through many phases of connection to the practice. Before you started the journey of sharing yoga you probably found it easier to focus on your own practice. Now you probably find yourself spending more time running from studio to studio or telling other people about their poses than working on learning about your own. When yoga is your job it can be hard to give it your all when you aren’t working. This program is designed to help you come back to your own practice as a student so you can be your best self as a teacher. You will come back to what made you love yoga in the first place and bring that into all you share.

This 4-day teaching program will give you the chance to reconnect with yourself, your peers, and your practice. Each day we will start off with a long form full practice experience that will inspire your senses to reawaken in each posture. No phones, no notes, no photos, just you and your classmates connected through the breath. Sharpen your senses through progressive asana that builds to fit your bodies strengths and needs. In the afternoons we will work through key pieces of becoming an effective empowered yoga teacher. We will work together to move past generic cueing and adjustments to refine what makes each of us capable of accessing the best teacher that resides within us all.

In this mentorship you will work closely with  Patrick to elevate your teaching and distinguish yourself as a unique and effective leader in your community.

20 Hours Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units or 20 Hour credit toward Awakening Yoga Academy 300 Hour Advanced Certification

Earlier Event: September 27
Dundee, Scotland
Later Event: October 12
Amsterdam, Netherlands