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Dallas, Texas


Mobility Flow

Join in for a yoga and movement fusion designed to maintain the flow without your hands ever touching the floor. Expect creative transitions, intriguing sequences, new strength at your end range of motion, and all with not a single Downdog or Chaturanga in sight! So often in vinyasa yoga we can get caught up in the ruts of similar poses and transitions, this class will help students learn new ways to move through their yoga practice, deepen flexibility, and get into new, functional movement patterns both on and off the mat.

Master Class

Drop in as we explore the geometry of our own bodies and arrive at a deeper sense of ourselves. Through this series of poses distinctly sequenced to help you find a balance between presence and focus, this class will give you chance to play with advanced asana, transitions, and concepts without pressure or expectation. The goal of every practice is to allow yourself to simply, and fully, be a part of the experience.

Arm Balances Level 1

Get on your hands and learn, or redefine, the basics of classical yoga arm balances. This class will create the proper foundations and building blocks to grow at your own pace. Understanding how to set up and prepare for the needs of your own body will allow you to play these areas to your advantage as your feet leave the earth.

Arm Balances Level 2

Play with floating, flying, and transitioning from one place to the next in this challenging practice designed to teach you the keys to moving gracefully with your feet off the floor. Build proper mechanics for the next level of arm balancing as we push through a series of poses that will bring your entire body to life.

Handstands in Motion

Learn to take your handstand practice inflow as we explore various entries in a playful vinyasa class style environment. Finding balance upside down is all about comfort and consistency so we use this opportunity to learn unique sequences that have been an integral part of Patrick’s own handstand journey.

Earlier Event: June 4
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Later Event: August 15
Seattle, Washington