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Awakening Yoga is a progressive practice style rooted in hatha vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on accessible and creative movement practices . We developed this practice style over few years after seeing so many diverse bodies in the yoga practice all over the world. Our goal with this style has always been to pay homage to the ritualistic traditional nature of the practice while incorporating modern movement patterns for today's bodies and minds.

We work with 4 baseline practices (Solar, Lunar, Restore, & Strength) which uphold the principles & foundations of Awakening Yoga, while encouraging creativity & freedom from the teacher(s). The 200 hour program focuses on the Solar Practices and its applications in Vinyasa Yoga.


Module 1 (100 Hours) February 5 - 16, 2018

We are all looking for methods of stoking the fire that burns deep within our souls, to find the drive to achieve what we never thought possible, to push through adversity, to overcome obstacles, and be in the fiber of our true being. The Awakening Yoga Solar Sequence is a new map for movement through the traditional vinyasa yoga practice. You will have the opportunity to take your asana in many new directions as you begin to understand how to properly train your physical system to stand with power in our ever changing world. This 100 hours of the Awakening Yoga teacher training will focus on mastering the Solar Sequence, learning how to adapt and adjust it for your needs as a teacher or student, and help you to chart a course into sharing yoga.


  • The Solar Sequence
    • You will learn the complete Solar sequence for your personal practice and teaching. We will break down each piece of the practice to help you find complete mastery over the set of poses.
  • Creative sequencing
    • Each day we will break down the sequence from class to help give students an understanding of how to bring variety to their yoga classes and how to incorporate the foundations of Awakening Yoga into any class setting.
  • How to teach public classes
    • We will help each student find their own voice as a teacher through practical teachings exercises and group activities to ensure you graduate with confidence & comfort as a teacher.
  • Basic philosophy and history of Yoga
    • We will dive into the pillars of yogic philosophy beginning our study of the many facets in this long standing traditional practice.
  • Introduction to Pranayama
    • Learn foundational Pranayama techniques for your home practice and teaching techniques for public class
  • Postural anatomy of classical yoga poses
    • You will learn the structural breakdown for classic yoga poses, the do’s and don’ts for cueuing in class, and how to apply modern bio mechanics to the physical yoga practice.
  • How to start your yoga teaching career
    • Learn how to find your first teaching job, how to create your niche as a teacher, how to thrive in many different teaching settings, and develop your own yoga teaching business
  • Social Media
    • Learn how to use social media to help you build a unique online presence, find which social channels best serve your creative interests, and how to manage your accounts day to day.



Module 2 (100 Hours) February 18 - March 1, 2018

How does it feel to flow like water? To move seamlessly through the transitions of life? To embrace the constant evolution of the self? We approach this 100 hours of training looking for answers to these questions through practice of meditation and movement. Master the eloquent flow of a seamless physical practice that allows the body to shift into complete stillness. Drop into a deeper sense of linking breath and movement as we explore how each moment creates the next. Let your intuition guide your journey as we trek further down the path of awareness with fluid physical practice, purposeful pranayama, and guided meditation.


  • The Lunar Sequence
    • You will learn the complete Lunar sequence for your personal practice and teaching. We will break down each piece of the practice to help you find complete mastery over the set of poses.
  • Free form movement practices
    • Practice fluid sequences off the mat that will mix many styles of dance, soft gymnastics, martial arts, calisthenics, and yoga
  • Pranayama
    • Dive deeper into pranayama practices as a student and as a teacher.
  • Cultivating a Meditation practice
    • Learn to set up a ritual that will allow you the opportunity to build a daily meditation practice. We will explore a different techniques and you will have the opportunity to guide short form meditations for fellow classmates.
  • Hands on adjustments for in class settings
    • Learn to read bodies with precision so you can give effective and supportive adjustments in a classroom setting.
  • Advanced Yoga philosophy and history discussions
    • Come prepared for round table style discussions of ancient yoga philosophies and teachings. You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions on bringing yoga into the modern world.
  • Anatomical study for each individual practitioners needs
    • We will explore the uniqueness and diversity of all our bodies so that we can best understand the mechanical advantages and disadvantages that come into play in yoga related movement.
  • Mentoring
    • one on one sessions with Patrick and Carling where they will give you guidance and insight on your teaching, practice, and personal development.
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Later Event: March 29
Vienna, Austria